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We offer full service management to brands, 

and talent that drives 

engagement, and builds authentic connections.

OUR MISSION is to spread kindness on social media, while providing brands, and influencers an exceptional partner experience. Our hands-on, personalized social media and talent management style + strong communication with brands and  is what sets us apart in the industry.


We have a passion for social media and a relentless thirst for telling a compelling brand story that drives engagement and builds authentic connections with your target audience. We understand the value of a brand story and passionate about executing brand-building in social media to help you achieve your business goals.


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Client love

"Since joining Chomps and working with Kara for over 9 months, she has been an absolute pleasure to work with. During times when I had a short bandwidth and needed extra assistance, Kara was always at the ready and willing to lend a hand no matter what the circumstance was. Her creativity when it came to creating graphics for social, writing copy on the spot and keeping our content organized skills showed she really went above and beyond for us as a consultant."  Addie - Chomps
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